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Features & benefits of

  • Australia's largest online resource on contemporary Aboriginal culture
  • Trusted content that is archived by the National Library of Australia
  • A list of hundreds of films by Aboriginal directors or about Aboriginal topics
  • A vast list of Aboriginal musicians and their discographies
  • A growing repository of educational resources for students and teachers
  • Hundreds of quotes from Aboriginal people give voice to their point of view
  • 'Stories', 'Homework' and quizzes drive engagement
  • A growing list of subscribers who benefit from exclusive content and discounts
  • Social media presence on Facebook
  • Listed in The Majestic Million of websites with the most referring subnets

An important site, illuminating, objective, educational and user friendly. Should be streamed into all educational institutions and libraries throughout Australia.

— John Lind, film maker, writer, script editor, and teacher


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Blurbs describing

1-sentence blurb helps you teach and learn about Australian Aboriginal culture without agenda.

100-word blurb is an educational website that helps you learn about contemporary Australian Aboriginal culture.

Its fully referenced articles articles cover all aspects of Aboriginal life and give voice to Australia's First Peoples. Photos, tables, quotes and diagrams illustrate the content, and the occasional 'homework' nudges you to reflect.

Students and teachers benefit from vast listings of Aboriginal resources like movies, musicians and books. A growing number of e-learning materials, such as infographics, help comprehend topics quickly.

Popular topics are Stolen Generations, a timeline, identity and population statistics. Aboriginal poetry is an audience magnet.

CreativeSpirits informs more than 3,000 visitors daily.

I think your website… is truthful and current and reflects the beauty and sacredness of my people's culture and history.

— Dave Sulter, Gamilaraay man, Coonabarabran, northern NSW

Positioning statement

For students, teachers and everyone else

who wants to learn about Aboriginal Australian culture, or spice up their assignments or lesson preparation,

Creative Spirits provides articles, resources and information products

that are thoroughly researched, properly referenced, well designed and easily printable.

Unlike any other website about Australia’s First Peoples,

Creative Spirits focuses on quality, ease-of-use and educational value without agenda.

Based on the template from Geoffrey Moore.

Background information about

I created Creative Spirits in 2000 as a site to document my travels through Western Australia, publish my photography and poetry.

In 2006 I added a section about Aboriginal culture where I started to share what I had learned and read. Over time I noticed that I had started filling a void -- many Australians are hungry for 'real' information about Aboriginal culture.

Today consumes most of my spare time. I do everything: researching, writing, photography, creating educational resources, content management, marketing, SEO, software maintenance, writing templates, creating the design, optimising for speed.

How Creative Spirits evolved

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Background information about Jens Korff

Picture of Jens Korff, author of this website

I was born in Melbourne but grew up in Germany - a fact which I believe helps me see Aboriginal Australia with a fresh pair of curious eyes.

I have a postgraduate diploma in IT and am working as a web developer in my day job - my hobby became my profession, and now both mutually nurture each other.

I am a conscious man interested in self-development, supporting marginalised groups and exploring creativity.  

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