Ursula Yovich

Maningrida, far North Arnhem Land, NT
Blues | Soul | Reggae
About Ursula

Ursula, a Burarra woman, was awarded a Helpmann Award (Australia's equivalent to the Tony Awards) in 2007 for her stunning performance in Capricornia.

Ursula also featured in Deborah Cheethams' Pecan Summer, Australia's first Aboriginal opera.


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Ursula Yovich - Sketches
13 April 2004

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My Skin, My Life

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  1. My Skin, My Life (Music by David Page)

My Skin, My Life was used in the 2006 Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony.

The Way That I Love You

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  1. The Way That I Love You

The Way That I Love You is part of the movie soundtrack of Jindabyne.

Ursula Yovich Live

8 October 2010
  1. Fields of Gold
  2. Just a Child
  3. Caruso
  4. Do I Belong?
  5. Who Wants to Live Forever?
  6. A Woman Is
  7. Magpie Blues
  8. Oneness
  9. People Make the World a Better Place
  10. Over the Rainbow (Sung in Burarra, Serbian & English)

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