Aboriginal suspense movies

Film titleDirectorMovie typeYear
Bedevil (beDevil) Tracey Moffatt
Drama 1993
Closed Doors Hunter Page-Lochard
Suspense 2019
Goldstone Ivan Sen
Suspense 2016
Jasper Jones Rachel Perkins
Suspense 2017
Mystery Road Ivan Sen
Suspense 2013
Septembers of Shiraz Wayne Blair
Suspense 2015
Storytime Jub Clerc
Suspense 2007
Sweet Country Warwick Thornton
Suspense 2017
The Darkside Warwick Thornton
Suspense 2013
The Last Wave Peter Weir
Suspense 1977

Harvard citation

Korff, J 1970, Aboriginal suspense movies, <https://creativespirits.info/resources/movies/suspense>, retrieved 22 November 2019

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