Ningla A-Na (Hungry For Our Land)


Ningla A-Na: Hungry For Our Land is a documentary about the events surrounding the establishment of the Aboriginal tent embassy on the lawns of Parliament House in Canberra in 1972.

It incorporates interviews with black activists, the work of the National Black Theatre, Aboriginal Legal Service and Aboriginal Medical Service, plus footage from the demonstrations and arrests at the embassy.

Ningla A-Na is the only film to focus on the tent embassy and is an historic document, integral to comprehension of the Aboriginal political struggle.

Erection of the tent embassy on the lawns of Parliament is the most symbolic action ever taken by Aboriginal people in their struggle for justice in their own land. Ningla A-Na presents an inside view of Aboriginal political life. A film which should be seen by all Australians.

The single most important film on the Aboriginal political struggle in the last 50 years.

— Gary Foley, Aboriginal historian, activist, leader, writer and actor


Max Hensser
Release dates
1972 - Australia
M - Mature
Smart Street Films
Gloria Fletcher

The film contains original footage and there is no commentary.

The audio is sometimes difficult to understand. There is some police violence shown in the movie.

The last few minutes of the film cover the Black Theatre that was established in Sydney.

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