Called a " hybrid feature film", Spear tells a contemporary Aboriginal story through movement and dance.

It follows a young Aboriginal man, Djali, as he journeys through his community to understand what it means to be a man with ancient traditions in a modern world.

Two Aboriginal clans from urban and remote communities live in an apocalyptic world and must decide who will be the new leader for the next 100 year cycle. Spear explores what this means to Aboriginal men through dance, physical movement, spoken word, hip hop, traditional song and story.

Featuring dancers from Stephen's highly acclaimed Bangarra Dance Theatre, this is an intimate journey with one of Australia's most celebrated artists as he brings this modern day mythology to the screen. Page took a 37-minute contemporary dance piece out of the theatre and into the world, from the bush to urban Sydney.

Beautifully shot, Spear is an abstract film made up of dance pieces in a warehouse, tunnels, a prison, a rock platform by the ocean and other less specific locations.

Spear is based on the work of the same name from Bangarra's Skin double bill from 2000.

Tagline: "A foot in each world. A heart in none."



Hunter Page-Lochard - Djali
Aaron Pedersen - Suicide Man
Djakapurra Munyarryun - Big Man
Romeo Munyarryun - Romeo
Elma Kris - Old Lady
Yolande Brown - Earth Spirit
Waangenga Blanco - Dingo Man
Leonard Mickelo - Abused Man
Nicola Sabatino - Woman Of Desire
Beau Dean Riley Smith - Alcohol Man
Kaine Sultan-Babij - Androgynous Man
Daniel Riley - Prison Man
Demela Wunungmurra - Old Man
Bangarra Dance Theatre dancers
Release dates
10 September 2015: World premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival
18 October 2015: Australian premiere at the Adelaide Film Festival
14 September 2016: European Premiere, Down Under Berlin Film Festival, Germany
Video/DVD release date
19 October 2016
PG - Parental guidance

Spear is Stephen Page's first full length feature film.

Language: English, Yolgnu Matha, Ka La Lagaw Ya.

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